Mother – 2006

Created by God

She’s one of a kind.

One of His previous jewels

and a very rare find.

When I reached out in the dark,

Looking for someone to care,

To protect me and comfort me,

and to always be there –

I found that my mother

Was not far away.

Her arms enfolding me

And keeping me safe.

And when I grow old

I will never forget,

The love of this woman,

Or what we have shared.

For what would life be

If I didn’t have mother?

God made her specially for me

and I don’t want no other.

Her heart filled with love,

and a smile on her face.

A reflection of happiness

and God’s wonderful grace.

So remember I love you

and there’ll ne’er be another

Who could take the place in my heart

Of the one I call ‘MOTHER’

Margaret Holahan

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Filed under Family, Poetry

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