The Christ Child’s Love

Christmas is coming

and traditions abound,

Mistletoe and holly

and trimmings all round

Frosty and Rudolph

play out in the snow,

while Santa and the elves

are kept on the go.

The wreath’s on the door,

the tinsel is hung,

Jingle Bells and White Christmas

have all been sung.

The tree’s in the corner

and the presents are wrapped.

The pudding is cooked

and I’m feeling trapped.

If one more tradition

finds its way through the door,

I think that I’ll scream,

and beg “PLEASE, NO MORE!”

Whatever happened

to our Christmas season?

Have we all forgotten

that He is the reason?

We need to remember

the story that’s told,

of the birth of our Saviour

a long time ago.

Let our traditions reflect

the Christ Child’s love –

A gift sent to us all,

from the Father above.

Margaret Holahan

4 December 2008

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