The Message of Easter

Bent and broken

and battered for me,

this man called Jesus

from Galilee.

A crown of thorns

shoved upon his head,

it was for me

His blood was shed.

Whipped and beaten

He carried my sin.

The weight of the world

a burden for Him.

Nailed to the cross,

ridiculed and mocked.

Even God the Father

had turned his back.

Still His thoughts were on others

as He took his last breath,

and he sought God’s forgiveness

for those who put Him to death.

In a tomb not His own

His body was laid,

and once the tomb was sealed

soldiers guarded his grave.

Yet even those soldiers

could not halt God’s plan

for the resurrection

of the Son of Man.

For on the third day

when the women approached

they found the tomb empty

and the stone rolled away.

Then a gardener appeared,

He said, “do not be afraid,

Christ is not in the tomb

but is risen today”.

Their eyes were then opened,

they recognised Him.

Then they rushed to find Peter

and share the good news with him.

“We found the tomb is empty,

there was nothing inside.

The body is gone

Christ is risen”, they cried.

The message of Easter

does not lie just in the Cross,

without the resurrection,

the meaning is lost.

My life is restored

through the price that Christ paid.

His death, His resurrection

take my sins away.

Margaret Holahan

© 23 April 2011

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