Prayer is the key that opens all doors

I drove past a church the other day and saw these words on the sign out front. My first thought was, “What a great sign!” However, as I drove on I began to feel there was something wrong with that sign. As I repeated the words it hit me.  What bothered me about the sign was the world ALL.  It’s such a tiny word – just three little letters. So why should it bother me so much? It’s simple. Prayer does not open all doors.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that prayer isn’t important. In fact, I agree that prayer is the key God uses to help us find answers and direction for our lives. And prayer does open some doors.  However, God doesn’t always answer our payers in the way we want. In fact some doors remain permanently locked no matter how many prayers we say.

If we want people to respect us as Christians then we have to be honest with them. Telling people that prayer unlocks all doors is not honest.  It’s misleading. Let’s be honest with them. Let’s be honest with ourselves.

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