Linda Mary Cunneen

My Aunty Linda passed away on 2 May 2018.  I wrote the following about her for Uncle Reg on the drive from Sydney to Lake Macquarie for her funeral service today…

Aunty Linda

What can I say about Linda Cunneen
that hasn't already been said.
A wife, a mother, a grandma
a sister, an aunty a friend.

Linda Mary Wilson
was born September 12, 1938,
destined to grow up and marry
Reginald Keith Cunneen.

They shared a life together
through the good times and the bad,
raised two sons and a daughter,
filled their home with happiness and love.

She made her home a refuge,
a place of warmth and peace,
and welcomed all who came
with a smile upon her face.

A life well lived for others,
unselfish to the end.
Now gone but never forgotten - 
Linda Mary Cunneen.

Margaret Holahan
11 May 2018



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