The Message of Easter

Bent and broken

and battered for me,

this man called Jesus

from Galilee.

A crown of thorns

shoved upon his head,

it was for me

His blood was shed.

Whipped and beaten

He carried my sin.

The weight of the world

a burden for Him.

Nailed to the cross,

ridiculed and mocked.

Even God the Father

had turned his back.

Still His thoughts were on others

as He took his last breath,

and he sought God’s forgiveness

for those who put Him to death.

In a tomb not His own

His body was laid,

and once the tomb was sealed

soldiers guarded his grave.

Yet even those soldiers

could not halt God’s plan

for the resurrection

of the Son of Man.

For on the third day

when the women approached

they found the tomb empty

and the stone rolled away.

Then a gardener appeared,

He said, “do not be afraid,

Christ is not in the tomb

but is risen today”.

Their eyes were then opened,

they recognised Him.

Then they rushed to find Peter

and share the good news with him.

“We found the tomb is empty,

there was nothing inside.

The body is gone

Christ is risen”, they cried.

The message of Easter

does not lie just in the Cross,

without the resurrection,

the meaning is lost.

My life is restored

through the price that Christ paid.

His death, His resurrection

take my sins away.

Margaret Holahan

© 23 April 2011

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The Coffee Cup

There’s a coffee cup all chipped and cracked

Sitting on the table.

It’s not there just for looking at

It actually has a purpose.


This cup holds many memories

of laughter pain and tears.

But its silent trust remains

through all the passing years.


No  new and foreign fancy

could e’er replace this cup

or the friendhsip and the love

that always fills it up.


So for someone who’s alone and lost

and looking for a friend

Or someone who just needs to talk

and wants someone to listen.


For anyone at all

in this cup you’ll always find

the warmth and comfort of a friend

whenever you’re in need.


Margaret Holahan

19 June 1994


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Please Do Not Disturb

Please do not disturb me

I’ve far too much to do,

to be worried or concerned,

or take time to listen to you.

Please do not disturb

my calm and quiet life.

I’ve managed to get things

just the way I like.

Please do not disturb me,

unless you want to be sorry.

For I’m just far to busy,

to take time to care or worry.

Please do not disturb me,

or make onerous demands.

If you’re having problems

I’m definitely not your man.

So if you say do not disturb you

when we are needing help,

what are we supposed to do

when we’re feeling overwhelmed.

God says, “Please do disturb me

any time you need a friend.

I’m here to care and listen,

and lend a helping hand.”

God says, “Please do disturb me,

I’ll never count the cost.

Let me be your hope

whenever all seems lost.

God says, “Please do disturb me,

There will never come a day

When I’m too busy for you

to hear anything you say.”

So take the time to disturb God,

Tell Him where you’re at and how you’re doing

He’s waiting just to hear from you

And with Him there’ll be no queuing

Margaret Holahan – © 17 March 2010

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Gone to be with Jesus

Gone to be with Jesus,

not just gone to sleep

Resting now with Jesus,

finally at peace.


Gone to be with Jesus,

no more of this earthly world.

Resting now with Jesus,

life lived for all its worth.


Gone to be with Jesus,

husband, father, brother, son.

Resting now with Jesus,

His work on earth is done.


Gone to be with Jesus,

life will never be the same.

Resting now with Jesus,

but memories remain.


Gone to be with Jesus,

finally at peace.

Resting now with Jesus,

the shepherd’s found His sheep.


Margaret Holahan

© 30 March 2011

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A Christmas Story

Youth Leader:         Pastor, since I’m the Youth Leader I’d really like to organise the Christmas play this year.


Pastor:                      Well, I’ve already decided we’re going to do The Christmas Story again, but if you want to help them maybe you can start organising people and props.


Youth Leader:         Okay, what do we need?


Pastor:                      We need 3 wisemen, some shepherds and their flocks, Mary, Joseph and a baby Jesus.  Oh, and a stable would be good too.


Youth Leader:         That’s a lot of stuff.


Pastor:                      Do you think you can handle it, or should I find someone else to do it for you?


Youth Leader:         No, I’m sure I can get everything you need.  Leave it with me.
Youth Leader leaves the room and Pastor goes back to working on his computer.


Some time later….


Youth Leader knocks on Pastor’s door.


Youth Leader:         Excuse me Pastor, I’ve got all the things you wanted for the play?


Pastor:                      Already, gee that was quick.  Maybe I should put you in charge every year.


Youth Leader:         That would be so cool.


Pastor:                      Okay, let’s see what you’ve got.


Youth Leader:         Okay.  First, you wanted 3 wisemen.  Well here they are…


Wisemen enter.


Wiseman 1:             Is wearing a college graduation cap and carrying a large book and is reciting the equation E=mc2


Wiseman 2:             If two cars are travelling north at the velocity of 115 km per hour and the first car turns east and travels 2 hours before turning north and travelling another 1 hour, while the second car turns west and travels 2 hours before turning south and travelling for half an hour and then turns north and travels for 20 minutes and then turns east and travels for 10 minutes, where are they when they stop?


Wiseman 3:             Is carrying a board with the Question “Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?” written on it.


Pastor:                      Enough!  The Pastor hakes his head….I didn’t mean that kind of wisemen…I meant the kind in the Bible.


Youth Leader:         Well, I’m sure I did better with the shepherds.  Let’s take a look….


In walk the shepherds – full beard, staffs and wearing dresses.


Pastor:                      What on earth are they!


Youth Leader:         They’re shepherds with their frocks!


Pastor:                      I said FLOCKS not frocks.  You know….SHEEP!


Youth Leader:         My bad.  I was positive you said frocks.


Pastor:                      I hate to ask who you got for Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.


Youth Leader;         I’m really sure I got this one right pastor.  Take a look at them…


In walks Mary (carrying a large bottle of perfume).  She goes to the Pastor and kneels down


Pastor:                      What are you doing?


Mary:                        I need to pour this perfume on your feet and then wipe it off with my hair.


Pastor:                      (Reaches down to help her stand up.)  Uh, thanks but no thanks.  I’m not Jesus and you’re in the wrong story.


Mary stands up, shrugs and moves away.


Joseph comes in wearing his coat of many colours and is followed by a bald guy.


The Pastor is shaking his head.


Pastor:                      Let me guess.  You’re Joseph.


Joseph:                    Good guess.  (Then in a very loud whisper)….Actually, don’t say it too loud.  My brothers are jealous of my beautiful coat and they want to kill me.


Pastor:                      And who are you supposed to be?


Bald Guy:                I’m balding Jesus.


Pastor:                      What are you trying to do to me?


Youth Leader:         You mean they aren’t what you wanted?


Pastor:                      Since when did any of these 3 appear in the Christmas story?


Youth Leader:         Well, I did think it was kind of funny that you asked me to get them, but then I figured you’re the Pastor so you know what you’re doing.


Pastor:                      But obviously you don’t!  When I said Mary and Joseph, I wanted the parents of Jesus.  And I asked for a BABY Jesus, not a balding Jesus.


Youth Leader:         I wish you’d said that in the first place!


Pastor:                      I didn’t think I needed to clarify that much which characters are in the Christmas story.  Now I’m not even sure I want to know what you got to represent the stable.


Youth Leader:         Oh, that was the easiest part.


The youth leader rushes out the room and comes back carrying a table.


Pastor:                      How does that represent the stable?


Youth Leader:         Well, it’s a very stable table!



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The Christ Child’s Love

Christmas is coming

and traditions abound,

Mistletoe and holly

and trimmings all round

Frosty and Rudolph

play out in the snow,

while Santa and the elves

are kept on the go.

The wreath’s on the door,

the tinsel is hung,

Jingle Bells and White Christmas

have all been sung.

The tree’s in the corner

and the presents are wrapped.

The pudding is cooked

and I’m feeling trapped.

If one more tradition

finds its way through the door,

I think that I’ll scream,

and beg “PLEASE, NO MORE!”

Whatever happened

to our Christmas season?

Have we all forgotten

that He is the reason?

We need to remember

the story that’s told,

of the birth of our Saviour

a long time ago.

Let our traditions reflect

the Christ Child’s love –

A gift sent to us all,

from the Father above.

Margaret Holahan

4 December 2008

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My God Surrounds Me

I hear the sound of water

gently lapping on the shore,

and know my God surrounds me

with Him I’ll need no more.

I hear a bird in song,

the sound carried by the breeze,

and still my God surrounds me,

supplying all my needs.

I hear the rustle of the leaves

as they gently lift and fall,

and still my God surrounds me –

He keeps me standing tall.

I hear the sound of nature

every where I look,

and still my God surrounds me –

He’s my King and I His rook

I hear the sound of spring

as it welcomes summer in,

and yes my God surrounds me –

He’s my everything.

Margaret Holahan

30 November 2008

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Rejected and Broken

Rejected and broken,

a life filled with pain.

Shattered and torn,

she hides from her pain.


Her heart longing for love

and all that love reaps,

bad choices she makes,

as acceptance she seeks.


Despising herself

and the life that she leads.

she seeks out some answers,

as her faults she concedes.


Rejected and broken

she kneels at the cross,

and lays down her burdens

as she grieves for her loss


“My child” He calls her

as He opens His arms.

She looks into His eyes –

her fears instantly calmed.


His forgiveness is instant,

there are no strings attached.

His love and compassion

have never been matched.


He makes her feel loved,

safe and secure.

Rejected and broken –

this no longer is her.


Margaret Holahan

25 November 2008

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I Can Do All Things

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

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He Restoreth My Soul

Psalm 23:3a

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