Where is Christ this Christmas?

Where is Christ this Christmas,
does he play a part
in what you’re celebrating,
and what is in your heart?

Where is Christ this Christmas,
is he just a picture on a card,
just a fuzzy image
with little thought and no regard?

Where is Christ this Christmas?
Is he still in the stable,
a cute and cuddly baby boy,
still lying in a manger?

Where is Christ this Christmas,
as you prepare to celebrate?
Does he hold a place of honour?
Has he captured your heart?

Where is Christ this Christmas?
Have you let him in?
The one true reason for the season,
our Saviour and our King!

Margaret Holahan – 20 November 2019

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Remembering the Christ of Christmas


Remember the Christ of Christmas
it's why we celebrate
the birth of Christ our Saviour
who came to give us life.

Remember the Christ of Christmas
God's Son came down to earth,
when angels appeared to shepherds
declaring the Christ child's birth.

Remember the Christ of Christmas
as we prepare and plan,
that our focus should remain upon
Jesus Christ, the Son of Man.

Remember the Christ of Christmas
amongst the holly and the wreath,
as we look past all the trimmings
and see what's underneath.

Remember the Christ of Christmas
and how His was birth was not enough,
that His journey finally took him
to His death upon the cross.

Remember the Christ of Christmas
and His ultimate sacrifice -
from birth to death then resurrection
He came to give us life.

Margaret Holahan
10 December 2018

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My Dad

Today would have been my dad’s 90th birthday, so I’m reposting this poem I wrote for him when he passed away…..love you and still miss you dad!


He may not have been a super hero
With supernatural powers
Able to leap tall buildings
Or climb the highest towers.

He may not have been a movie star
All slick and debonair
He may not have won an Oscar
Or walked the red carpet with any flair.

He may not have been a sportsman
Worth a million bucks
Who takes his team to victory
With skill and just a little luck.

He may not have been Prime Minister
Of this or any other land
He wasn’t even a politician –
Just a simple man.

Though he may not have been your hero
There’s one thing for which I’m glad
He wasn’t just an ordinary Joe
This man was my dad!

‘though he never won a medal
Or a Mr World contest
I’ll always love my dad
‘cause to me he was the best.

Margaret Holahan
© 31 October 2005


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Linda Mary Cunneen

My Aunty Linda passed away on 2 May 2018.  I wrote the following about her for Uncle Reg on the drive from Sydney to Lake Macquarie for her funeral service today…

Aunty Linda

What can I say about Linda Cunneen
that hasn't already been said.
A wife, a mother, a grandma
a sister, an aunty a friend.

Linda Mary Wilson
was born September 12, 1938,
destined to grow up and marry
Reginald Keith Cunneen.

They shared a life together
through the good times and the bad,
raised two sons and a daughter,
filled their home with happiness and love.

She made her home a refuge,
a place of warmth and peace,
and welcomed all who came
with a smile upon her face.

A life well lived for others,
unselfish to the end.
Now gone but never forgotten - 
Linda Mary Cunneen.

Margaret Holahan
11 May 2018



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How Easily We Forget!

How easily we forget
Jesus death upon the cross,
and the price He paid –
the ultimate sacrifice.

How easily we forget
He was deserted by his friends.
Beaten, bruised and bloodied –
though innocent He was condemned.

How easily we forget
that God so loved the world,
He sent His son – a sacrifice
His blood for us was shed.

How easily we forget
His was death was not the end
Good Friday’s just a stepping stone
and Sunday’s yet to come.

How easily we forget
Jesus wasn’t just a man.
He was the Son of God,
yes, He died and rose again.

How easily we forget
that when the stone was rolled away,
the tomb was bare and empty
that long ago sabbath day.

How easily we forget
Easter’s more than chocolate eggs.
Yes, Jesus Christ the Son of God
is risen and defeated death.

Margaret Holahan
1 April 2018

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Cambodia – Days 7, 8, 9 & 10 – 20, 21, 22 & 23 July


Angie and I rejoined the team last night.  The team also increased by 5 additional members, with Ann, Kristen and Abby joining the team last yesterday afternoon, and Nathan and Jorge joining us early this morning.

With the addition of 5 more team members and trips to open schools today, tomorrow and Saturday, we moved from our 25 seater bus to 8 SUV’s.  Since it is wet season, the staff were concerned about the condition of the roads.

Today we headed out to Tatrei School to officially celebrate the opening of the 20th school built in Cambodian by Samaritan’s Purse Australia.  This official opening ceremony opened both Tatrei School and Prey Changha School.

When the group of supporters who funded Tatrei visited earlier this year, the children had all written letters for the team and gave these letters along with small gifts, eg flowers, half a packet of chewing gum, etc, to the team.  I’m not 100% sure of the exact words, but the letters all read the same, something along the lines of “Thank you for our new school. We would really love to have a library”.  With generous hearts and spirits, that group of donors asked Samaritan’s Purse how much it would cost to add a library to the building and then committed to coming home and raising the additional cost…..which they did.  When we opened the school this morning, they not only had a new school building, but added at the end of the building was a room specifically to be used as a library…..and the children were only too happy to show us how the library is to be used.

The villagers provided lunch for us and would not sit and eat themselves until we had finished eating.

After lunch, some of the team headed back to the hotel to rest and the remainder of the team headed over to Prey Changha for a community celebration.

After dinner and debrief the team helped pack the shoulder bags Marg, Neil & Keira had brought from The Hub Preschool to give to the kids at Bos Thom Preschool on Friday.


It was another early start today…..downstairs for breakfast at 6.00am.  Today I’m rather excited as we are finally opening the Bos Thom Preschool.  Bos Thom School, it’s Principal, teachers, children and community have a special place in my heart and it was an honour to be asked to speak at the official opening ceremony on behalf of Samaritan’s Purse.  My friend, Margaret Livingstone, representing The Hub Preschool, had the honour of speaking on behalf of the donors, while Samaritan’s Purse staff member, Arne Olander accepted the medal on behalf of Samaritan’s Purse.

Here we have pictures of the old school building which last year was being used as a preschool, and below it is the new preschool building which the children are very excited to be able to start using now.


After lunch we visited a Church which Samaritan’s Purse helped build.  This church grew out of The Greatest Journey program.


Today we opened the last of the schools for this trip, this time at Kantrong School.  It was another amazing time of celebration as we celebrated with the school and the wider community.

After lunch at the Yellow Mango in Siem Reap everyone seemed ready to rest for a few hours before heading to Red Piano for dinner and then some shopping at the night markets.


DAY 10

Our final morning in Siem Reap saw us leaving the hotel around 6.45 am to head to Angkor Wat for some sightseeing.  Angkor Wat itself is an amazing structure and as our tour guide kept reminding us, one of the Ancient Wonders of the World.  My favourite temple is Ta Prohm.  This is the temple where Angelina Jollie taped a scene for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, although the scene is not 100% accurate, as there is actually no corridor behind this door where we she jumps out and we posed for a team photo!  The main reason this is my favourite temple is because the trees have overgrown the temple and nature is taking back.  This other photo of the team shows how large some of the trees actually are.

We finally headed back to the hotel to shower and change and then eat lunch before heading to Siem Reap Airport to begin the long trek home.

It’s been an absolute pleasure and honour for me to be a part of this ministry and I am definitely going to miss the friends I have made in Cambodia, as well as the people of Cambodia who have been so gracious and generous on every trip I have been on to visit their beautiful country.  Thank you all for your interest in what Samaritan’s Purse is doing in Cambodia and other developing nations.  It’s been a pleasure sharing this journey with you.



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Cambodia – Day 4, 5 & 6 – 17, 18 & 19 July


Monday started uneventfully with an early breakfast and then we loaded up the bus for the 5 hour drive from Kampong Thom to Sisophon.  At our first stop for gas, a couple of hours in to the trip, I was advised that one of our team members wasn’t feeling well.  I had a chat with her and she assured me she was doing okay, but by the time we got to Sisophon and had lunch she was in a pretty bad way.  She and I stayed at the hotel while the rest of the group went off to build biosand water filters.  Apparently they had a pretty amazing time!

While the team were out making biosand water filters, Ange’s illness worsened and by Tuesday morning it was decided that Sophoin would accompany Ange and myself to Seam Reap so we could get her medical attention.  We arriverd at Angkor Paradise International Hospital around 9.20 am and they immediately put Ange on IV fluids and antibiotics.  After blood test results it was decided to keep her in hospital overnight, which meant we both had a restless night (she in the hospital bed and me on the sofa), as they kept waking her up to change the IV fluids, give her antibiotics, check her blood pressure, or take blood.   By Wednesday morning she was feeling a lot better and after she was released Wednesday afternoon we were able to travel back to Sisophon and rejoin the rest of the team.


While we were went off to Siem Reap, the rest of the team headed off to visit a school construction in the morning, along with the ‘We Can Read, We Can Write’ and ‘Better Teachers, Better Education’ programs.

After lunch the team did a second Operation Christmas Child shoebox distribution at a school in the Banteay Meancheay Province.  Again, the faces of the children tell it all!



On Wednesday morning, the team headed off to visit another school, this time a school

which needs to be rebuilt.

In the afternoon it was off to see some of the projects Samaritan’s Purse does in the safe migration and anti-trafficking project.  This involves things such as raising chickens and pigs, growing mushrooms, micro finance and banking.

By the time the team arrived back at the hotel after dinner, Ange and I were back in Sisophon and happy to be back ready to attend the school openings on 20, 21 and 22 July!








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